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David Lackner, Account Executive – Your Dance Studio Insurance Expert

You may be asking yourself “what does he know about the unique insurance requirements of a Dance Studio?” Well, I have 3 daughters (all under 7 years of age), who have been enrolled in dance for the past 3 years. I have quickly learned that dance is not a hobby, but rather a lifestyle! This, together with over 12 years of experience as an insurance broker, made me think that there are likely many affordable options in the insurance world for dance studios. Was I ever wrong! Upon further investigation, I realized that there were many options, but the pricing and coverage just didn’t meet the needs of a Dance Studio.

I partnered with a program business underwriter at a leading commercial insurer, and put together a comprehensive business continuation program, designed to provide all the coverage’s needed for a Dance Studio. I also wanted the program to be able to accommodate Studios that offered options such as Zumba, USA and Canadian competitions, summer camps, silks, Acro, etc. with minimal effort and cost to the studio. Well we have succeeded, and I would appreciate the opportunity to show you how we can help your Dance Studio.

Studio owners often ask me, “Do I really need to buy liability insurance?”

studio-insurance-premiums-smallThe short answer is a resounding yes! Dance studios have the same risk to being sued just like any other service providing business (Commercial General Liability, Third Party Liability, Public Liability). However Dance Studios also have the additional exposure of professional liability as the studio owner(s) and instructors are considered “Experts in their field”. So, if a student suffers a sprained or broken ankle, this could POTENTIALLY lead to a lawsuit.

You may feel that bumps, bruises, sprains and even a broken bone are part of “being a dancer” and you most likely suffered one or two of these injuries yourself. However, these days, people in our society would rather blame someone else than take responsibility for a bodily injury. This shows how easily a potential lawsuit could happen.

Lackner McLennan has been insuring Canadian businesses for over 65 years. We have developed programs for many different professional groups, like yoga studios, CrossFit, Massage Therapists to name a few. We know and understand what liability exposures you have as a dance studio owner and or individual instructor.

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